MAJAR TRADING is a sister companies in "Majar Group" which is one of leading companies in the Balkan & the Middle East. Majar Group
was established in 1993 for marketing cosmetics - perfumes - accessories - gifts - saloons equipments & hair care products. To achieve the sales and marketing of a large volume of cosmetics - set up adequate warehousing facilities - modern showrooms in the most modern commercial centers in Syria - Oman - Kuwait - Bulgaria and soon in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.
In addition - well trained manpower has been recruited to provide the necessary services to meet our customer’s expectations. Therefore - within a short period of time Majar Group Establishment succeeded to become one of the major distributors in the Balkan & the Middle East in the field of cosmetics. Distribution agreement contracts with international companies have been established and proven successful in meeting all concerned expectations.
Thank you for your interest in our company.

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الدولة سورية,, Homs
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:: what is Impala Cosmetics

By creating the products with the trademark Impala Cosmetics a team of technologists and make-up specialists aims at finding and use of individual color solutions for the modern woman. In response to the ever-changing fashion trends and on the base of analysis and research in the field of make-up cosmetics, Impala Cosmetics is constantly creating and looking for new ideas in the color variations of its series.
A blonde and a brunette, sentimental and magnetic, sensual and intuitive, shy and passionate, independent and sophisticated, discreet and romantic - we are trying to create a palette of colors and nuances, suitable for every mood.
Her Majesty the Woman - Creator of Impala Cosmetics.
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MAJAR TRADING الاسم التجاري
Yasser Majar الاسم
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