The definition of pleasure to us to you about our company and our products Djazaerly Founded in 1993 in Aleppo - Syria Along with extensive experience in manufacturing and trade of fabrics. Djazaerly company specializing in manufacturing and trade of upholstery fabrics and curtains, especially, and all other types of fabrics in general. Also, our company offers its services in the areas of general trade such as buying and selling of all materials and supplies. As well as import and export services and rapid transport of goods. As it is used in the manufacture of the finest raw materials and world-renowned for its quality and luster, provides the best service and highest quality products to its customers in each order. The factory our product in the hands of a skilled expert and designed for high accuracy gives you a high degree of comfort and security. The company has a good presence, locally, regionally and globally. We strive to keep abreast of developments and to provide all new. Adopt the production lines of global technology to guarantee you high quality in manufacturing. We would like to expand sales to other countries and we hope to find business centers We export our products to them

هاتف   : هاتف : 00963991276062
الدولة سورية,, Aleppo
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Curtains fabrics
CottonUpholstery Fabrics
And other textile products
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